This is a list of currently open Calls for Papers (CFP).

To retrieve the list we crawl these sites on a daily basis to find new CfPs:

So if the Call for Papers of your event is missing in the list, chances are high that it is not listed on either of those platforms.

Frequently asked Questions

How can you add your event?
Go to,, Sessionize or, log in with your account (create it if you haven't one) and submit your event. That's it.
When you use the Team will review it and you'll get notified once the review-process is done. Don't forget to add the information about your Call for Papers!
Why should you list your event on
The idea behind is to enable attendees of your event to provide feedback to your speakers. And that's a highly valuable information to the speakers as they learn directly what they might improve to get better. And then your next event can have even more awesome speakers.
Can I see where the events for those Calls for Papers are located?
Click on the globe-icon to see the location we could automatically retrieve for the Event on OpenStreetMap.
Can I get a notification about a closing CfP?
Follow @cfp on mastodon and you'll get a tood 24 hours before a CfP closes. The toots are geo-referenced with the location of the Event.
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